Character Creation guidelines

With regard to races, classes, feats, powers, and magical items: the main guideline is I have to be familiar with what you’re wanting to play. If it’s in the books I own, then you’re good to go. If it’s in PHB3, make sure you and I have the same understanding of how things like monk disciplines and psionic powers work, so you aren’t disappointed later.

Players may freely switch to new characters in between episodes. Some episodes in this campaign may take more than one play session to run. If you feel the need to switch characters in the middle of an episode, I expect you to help me figure out how your new character makes their appearance. If you can stick with your unsatisfying character through the end of the episode, that will likely be easier for everyone.

Character level for each episode will be determined by the group, and the plot allows for starting a new episode at a lower level than the previous one. My only requirement is that you have to all be the same level. Magic items allowed for an episode will be determined using the RAW guidelines for equipping a character greater than level one.

While I will not outright forbid certain alignments, any given Evil or Chaotic Evil character may only be played for one episode. To the extent that this campaign has a plot, it is the reminiscing of heroes. The occasional cooperation with antagonists to achieve a greater goal is a popular trope, but odds are that a character who actively sabotaged the party would not be given the honor of being mentioned during a tale’s retelling. This guideline may be ignored or revised by group consensus.

Character Creation guidelines

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