Rules of the House and Ground variety

Ground Rules

1. Everyone playing a female character (including the GM) must maintain shaved armpits. This is a totally petty and arbitrary rule. I acknowledge this. Doesn’t mean I’ll abolish it.

2. I do not currently object to players consuming alcohol during a game session, but if you do drink, you automatically agree to not leave if I don’t think you can get home safely. I reserve the right to forbid alcohol in the future if you guys are that disappointingly stupid about it.

3. Since this is planned as an episodic campaign for the purpose of learning and toying with the system rules, I don’t expect the “storyline” will ever delve deeply enough into any topic to require a content warning. But plans change, and peoples’ needs are different, so please feel free to contact me privately with any situations you need me to be extra careful about presenting around you. Things like arachnophobia also fall into this category.

4. Please refrain from discussing real-world politics, religion, or current events. Even though I will likely be curating a group of you that have similar viewpoints to mine, I don’t want to risk losing my groove because I’m moved to rant about something you’ve brought up.

House Rules

1. If you’re familiar with the Savage Worlds game system, the Reward Tokens I have in mind for this campaign will function similarly to Bennies in that system. Reward Tokens will be tied to the PLAYER, not to the character, and will be a non-renewing resource. Each player will start with some, and the group will vote at the end of each game session to award more.

2. At this time, I only intend to allow Reward Tokens to influence die rolls. If you want to try and spend them some other way, be prepared for me to set a steep price.

Rules of the House and Ground variety

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